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The Revival WIP Dance Song
Morning Messing House Song
OrchestralBeatBreaker WIP Cinematic Song
Kindness on Display Cinematic Song

2013 Submissions

ambient_2 Ambient Song
Gone Insane Ambient Song
City Hitting WIP House Song
Decisions Are Hard General Rock Song
F# Flamenco Peace Miscellaneous Song
Not Today General Rock Song
Stone Tower Temple House House Song
Platforms In The Factory Video Game Song
Chasing Seagulls Ambient Song
The Speed Gamers (WIP) Trance Song
Late Night Ambient Ambient Song
Rock Song 0.7 General Rock Song
Night On Newgrounds WIP Trance Song
Zelda - Stone Tower Temple Rmx Video Game Song
WW Ganon Monologue Drama Song
Sleepy Something Ambient Loop
Zelda Voice Acting - Prophecy Drama Song
Zelda - Stone Tower WIP 1 Video Game Song
Latin Theme Thing Video Game Song
City In The Sky - LOZ Inspired Video Game Loop
Superstar Lobster Dance Party Miscellaneous Song
Rave In The Piano Lounge Trance Song
Peripheral Void WIP Trance Song
Remembrance WIP Video Game Song
Sonic 3 - Cap of Ice Rmx WIP Video Game Loop
Sleep Long Forgotten Ambient Song
Rave In The Piano Lounge WIP 2 Trance Song
Banjo Kazooie - MMM ReOrch Video Game Song
Rave In The Piano Lounge WIP Trance Song
Mysterious Destiny Miscellaneous Song
Zelda OoS - Horon Village HQ Video Game Loop
Wipe Away v2 Miscellaneous Loop
I Am No Banana! (WIP) Trance Song
Mysterious Destiny WIP Miscellaneous Song
Castlevania Bloody Tears Reorc Video Game Loop
Zelda TP - Kakariko Village Video Game Loop
Zelda WW Legendary Hero WIP 2 Video Game Song
Banjo K - Freezeezy Peak Rmx Video Game Loop
HuntBassEnjoy Dance Song
Dance - Hunt4Bass WIP Dance Song
Waffle Iron Ambient Song
Random Hobbit Song Miscellaneous Song
Zelda WW Legend-Hero Rmx WIP Video Game Song
Cryptic Chaos (Trance) Trance Song
Zelda MM - Outside v2 Video Game Song
Zelda - Song of Storms Video Game Song
Wipe Away w/ Vocals Trance Song
Zelda 2 - (Great) Palace Remix Video Game Song
Slip Away Ambient Loop
Zelda Majora's Mask - Outside Video Game Loop
Solinia Online - Braemar Theme Video Game Loop