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Okay, second part after the little break is really nice. Only critiques are that it's a little repetitive, so throw some minor melody variations to make it flow better and the mix needs some work. Great job!

WoolyScarf responds:

Thanks! I'll be sure to try and make the melody a little less repetitive.

Sounds about right.

Zero Bombers listen to reason?

Like that'll ever happen. If it's not heavy metal of dnb they hate it!


This is alright, the synth is a little loud compared to the drums and the whole thing is a bit too repetative to not get annoying in an actual looping videogame setting. Bot the actual melody is townesque.

Ethmiester responds:

Yeah, I know, they really don't.
You can tell already by it's current score.
Or I could just really blow at making music.

Nice Shit.

Only gripe I have with it is vocals are a little overpowering, just slightly. Bring those down a tad and it'd be perfect.

Well now.

Came in expecting ska, but whatever not a big issue. As far as the song goes the melody is a little random. I'm sure it isn't but it seems to be lacking motivation or a real emotional influence. That would be fine if it were catchy enough, but I don't think it is. Also the piano you used for it seems slightly out of tune. That or you used some notes that clashed.

At around 1:35 there's a really nice breakdown, that sound good till around 1:50 where the piano came back in.

Also the snare could be brought out a little more.

Cuzone responds:

Lol yeah it's out of tune, right. :P

Not much of a remix

I heard some cool changes, but for the most part its a clone of the original. Try and add more variety and break off into your own thing. If you want an example look up my remix on youtube.

Good but....

This is good, however I think it could be twice as good if you added more interesting percussion and transitions and also used better samples than the midiesque ones you used. Good base though.

phatham responds:

it is midi :( i can't afford to buy any crap , i use a free program called tuxguitar for all of my music i write the scores then export the midi, edit it in audacity and try my best to make it sound nice, sorry if its not good enough, but i can't change that

Needs some work, but good

The Drums sound off tempo at some parts. I'm assuming you recorded yourself playing them? If so I would redo them to get them right.

The bass guitar in the background is a bit quiet and the lead guitar needs to be quieted just a little bit. Just so it isn't blaring.

Other than that the composing sounds good, but over the song sounds a bit empty. Maybe add a rhythm guitar to the mix?

metallicx66 responds:

The drums are spot on, it's just the guitar that's off. And the off you're probably hearing is the offbeat quarters on the hi-hat.

Well when I mixed the track, I can hear the bass perfectly. And I intentionally made the guitar louder.

Mixing more of a middle sound is that what you're saying?

Good Ideas, Not So Great Execution

I like what this was going for, but it needs a bit of work. The first thing thats apparent off the bat is that it needs a better mix. The pad was way too overpowering. The piano that came in was as well. It drowns out whats happening in the background.

The other thing I noticed that was a bit off were the pitches. Some of the notes you used seemed a little off compared to the chord progression you were using. A little detuned feeling, which gives it a werid ambiance but at some points was a bit too off for me to like it.

Good Job though, I'd like to hear a reworking of this.


While this may be a short piece, it makes up for length with epicness and emotion. I think this may be one of your best pieces of music. Great Job.


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